Little Lambs Learning Center uses a value based and research based curriculum which includes a variety of experiences and activities that will help your child utilize their strengths, develop and grow into their destiny, and perhaps most important to them, HAVE FUN!

  • Spiritually, by developing a loving relationship with each child, along with daily Bible stories, prayer, and songs, giving each child an awareness of God’s unconditional love for him or her.
  • Socially, by encouraging participation in group activities, learning how to treat others and learning to resolve conflicts.
  • Emotionally, by developing a feeling of security and belonging, along with learning skills to develop self­control, and providing opportunities in which the child feels a sense of responsibility, accomplishment and success.
  • Physically, by providing for his or her health and safety, and encouraging activities that will develop large and small muscle coordination and motor skills.
  • Intellectually, by encouraging an enthusiasm for learning, creativity, and exploring with plenty of hands-­on experiences.

       Because research shows that young children learn best through play and exploration, we provide large blocks of uninterrupted playtime allowing the children to explore the various interest areas of the classroom. These areas include art, music, science, blocks, dramatic play, books, games, puzzles, toys, and outdoors or the gymnasium. During this time the teachers interact with the children reinforcing and extending their learning while imparting biblical principles and helping them develop positive social skills. Playtime is supplemented by small and large group instructional activities that correspond with themes and concepts that are relevant to the children’s lives and interests.

       In addition to the curriculum noted above, Little Lambs Learning Center includes a preschool program for children three to five years old at no additional cost. We use elements from a variety of research based curriculums including Sing, Spell, Read and Write; Creative Curriculum; and Essentials Preschool Curriculum.

       Our main form of discipline is called “Loving On Purpose” by Danny Silk. This method creates a safe place for children to build confidence and personal responsibility. It protects the connection with the child, while teaching the child how to make good choices and grow in self‐control. We offer this training on a regular basis for both staff and parents.

       We have two main guiding principles in our classrooms that help resolve most situations that arise:

  1. Be kind to one another
  2. Work together

        When conflict arises we often start by reviewing these and asking the children questions that revolve around these guidelines such as ‐ Was that kind? What could you do to be kind in this situation? How can we work together to fix this?

       Developmental screenings and child assessments are completed on a regular basis. Parent‐teacher conferences are offered two times per year to discuss your child’s learning and development.

       All teachers complete 20 or more hours of training per year in early childhood education, including infant and child CPR and First Aid.

       We require all employees including support staff and volunteers to complete a background check and fingerprinting clearance.